Jevitty Life Science Corp is dedicated to making a positive difference. Changing the way society thinks of aging and infusing smart accessible tech to provide ways the public can take control of personal health, long term, and achieving longevity.

Living a life beyond 200 years and it being filled with quality is the goal. Helping to achieve this great possibility is Jevitty Ventures, a subsidiary of Jevitty Life Science.

Already, Jevitty Ventures, has invested into other longevity health-tech companies who show great promise and demonstrate bona-fide solutions that will push-the envelope beyond dreams into realities. We will ride the tide of rapid-change in health technology, environment, good practices and habits, and people’s commitments to a better more productive life.

Jevitty Ventures actively seeks opportunities that are in alignment with their mission of healthy aging.

The following companies are current ventures Jevitty Life Science Corp are proud to be supporting.

If you would like to suggest an venture not listed here, please contact with the headline ‘Venture suggestion’.

For partner enquiries with Jevitty please email with the headline ‘Partnership with Jevitty’.